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BPAC Review of Educational Data Resources software sales and services agreement:

An opinion paper  based on research conducted by the Brevard Parents Action Committee (BPAC) regarding the School Board of Brevard County decision on 9 April 2013 on the AMENDMENT TO NON-COMPETITIVE SALES AND SERVICES AGREEMENT with Education Data Resources, LLC (EDR) and the 14 August 2012 School Board approved name change of Crosspointe to Educational Data Resource, LLC (EDR).

Note that through our research we have based our opinion on facts available at the time the opinion was rendered through reasonable due diligence.  As such, much of our attached paper reflects the direct dialogue between our group and BPS staff as well as direct references to public documents. Our impressions of our joint discussion to date and opinions are addressed in further detail in our opinion paper. The intent of the opinion is to illustrate what we consider to be unacceptable business practices of BPS and the School Board of Brevard County. The opinion presented does not recommend any acceptance of, imply any violation of, nor suggests the termination of any contract with any Vendor doing business with BPS.

This is our attempt to clearly communicate with BPS.

Our objective is to ensure BPS has a clear understanding of parents opinions on decisions made by our Brevard school district, how your decisions are perceived by parents, and (most importantly) how they affect the students - our children.