Brevard Parents Action Committee (BPAC)


Trust, Respect, Accountability and Communication for Kids!



Q: Why did this PAC form?

A: To give a voice to the parents and guardians of school age children in Brevard County for matters concerning Brevard County Public Schools (BPS) including the Brevard County Public School Board. This School Board and Administration lacks accountability and has demonstrated  its willingness to continue down a chosen path while dismissing the will or opinion of students, parents, teachers, press and community leaders at the municipal and county levels . We will work diligently to reform this School Board and BPS to provide responsibility and accountability to the students, parents and communities it serves.

Q: Who formed the PAC and are they running for Office?

A: The PAC was formed by a group of concerned people affected by the Brevard County School’s budget crisis. None of our founding members, Officers or Board are currently seeking a political office.

Q: Will the PAC be choosing School Board Candidates for the next election in 2014?

A: We will be focused on the issues and potential Brevard County School Board candidates views and positions on the issues. This PAC will not be directly contributing to any candidate’s campaign for election however it is likely other PAC’s or Electioneering Committees will be formed as the next election nears to support individual candidates.

Q: How do I participate in the PAC ?

A: The PAC is a membership based organization. Membership is open to all parents or legal guardians of school age children in Brevard County Florida. We will be forming subcommittees for specific issues of importance to parents and will need to draw on our members to fill those subcommittee positions.

Q: I am not a parent or guardian, how can I help?

A: You may contribute to the PAC even if you are not a member, please see the Contributions  page for details. We recommend you also subscribe (at the top of the page) to our news and updates to stay informed of our activities, including calls for support in specific events such as grass roots efforts to keep communities in Brevard County informed of the issues we will be addressing.

Q: What if I would like to be considered for a Board Member or Officer?

A: The PAC’s Officers and Board are mostly comprised of the founding members at this time, however our intent is to be reflective of the parent’s views and not be a means for a specific group of parents to achieve their goals. To fulfill this intent we will be defining the duration a given Board Member in the PAC can serve before the position will come up for a vote by our members to retain or replace the person serving in the position. Officers will likely be elected periodically by the Board. Please keep in mind we are a young organization and will be inclusive of our members in governing the PAC. More details will be provided as we define the specifics of the organizational structure and the term each position serves. You patience and support are appreciated as we progress with these matters.


Q: How do I contact the PAC with questions or concerns?

A: Please send an email to

Q: How can I meet with the PAC Board and Officers?

A: We will be holding public meetings periodically in different areas of Brevard County to make the Board and Officers of the PAC accessible to the public. We’ll announce the meetings in the newsletter and other channels such as Facebook. If you have an important topic you feel needs immediate attention please contact us through the email address. Be sure to include a summary of the topic and detailed contact information.